Uysal & Tolan


Uysal & Tolan’s experience with corporate law includes; mergers and de-mergers, acquisitions, transfer of shares, establishment of a joint stock company, limited liability company, branch and liaison offices, as well as the corporate governance issues, structuring of shareholders’ relationships among themselves and vis-à-vis the legal entity, bankruptcy, insurance, employment of foreign personnel, international and domestic public offerings. Besides, Uysal & Tolan’s experience contains government approvals, incentives, government supports and tax treatments of the corporation. Through our affiliated law firm in Ankara and also by our respective name, our corporate work includes to obtain permissions from public institutions, and all sorts of transactions.

Uysal & Tolan has an international reputation for its expertise and success in banking and finance law. We provide consultancy services to the leading international banks conducts business in Turkish banking sector.

Uysal & Tolan represents syndications of leading international banks and financial institutions in secured or unsecured loan financing made available to Turkish public institutions or the Turkish Government.

Uysal & Tolan has been involved in issuance of various commercial instruments, including preparing pertinent documents for offerings, and also overseas bond issuance by the public and private sector banks and the Republic of Turkey. Besides, Uysal & Tolan provides consultancy service in respect to international equity transactions, international public offerings, derivatives contracts, subcontracts such as swap agreements and performability of similar financial arrangements.

Our firm having a significant position in respect to international project finance and frequently consults project finance transactions regarding energy, real estate, tourism sectors and so on. Uysal & Tolan is engaged in many major important project financing in Turkey. Uysal & Tolan has an extensive experience in municipality projects financing and involved in many different municipalitys’ project finance transactions.

The legal advice rendered by the Uysal & Tolan with respect to project finance includes the reviewing and drafting of all project and finance documents, participation in negotiations with Turkish authorities and all parties to the transaction, and the pursuit of new legislation.

Our intense practice in corporate matters and commercial law requires our expertise in applicable laws and regulations related to corporations. Thus, Uysal & Tolan gives advices to clients about employment law issues including conflicts between employers and employees and also create whole structure for companies in respect of employment policy of the corporate. Our services include preparation of employment contracts, company policies and any step that needs to be taken for having efficient and legally acceptable working conditions. Furthermore, our clients are effectively represented in the event of any dispute in that field.

The number of patients and their relatives, taking legal actions particularly by claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages as well as criminal actions for the liability of Hospitals and Doctors based on malpractice, has been increasing with each passing day. In this area Uysal&Tolan is representing well-established group of private hospitals in Turkey, as well as all of its branches and subsidiaries. As a principle, Uysal&Tolan follows the legislations, innovations and the Supreme Court practices closely, and pursuant to this principle, our firm’s lawyers have participated in seminars on Medical Law, organized by distinguished universities in our country, and they aimed to provide a more academic service to our clients with the gained knowledge and experience. Communique

Uysal & Tolan Law Firm provides service for various subjects, including patient – doctor rights, consent agreements to be executed between hospital and patient, doctor agreements,penal and criminal liabilities of doctors and hospitals in malpractice actions and damage claims and criminal actions thereupon. In addition to these, our team which has a broad knowledge on Health Application Communique and Health Law provides legal advice for issues regarding patient complaints, applications to the Medical Chamber, relations especially with the Social Security Institution and other Institutions.

Competition Law is a developing field of law in Turkey. The Law on the Protection of the Competition (the “Law”) was enacted in 1994 and the Competition Board, the authority empowered to implement the Law, was established in late 1997. Following the creation of an independent authority entrusted with the difficult duty of regulating the market, the Competition Board embarked upon the development and promotion of its competition policy to ensure that its policy remains appropriate for the deregulated, but fair, financial environment. In the liberal economic system, market surveillance is essential for prevention to cartelize, provision of social welfare and development of the economy.

Uysal &Tolan Law Firm has been involved in many Competition Board applications and represented many clients before the Competition Board. Uysal & Tolan has also advised corporations for their competition issues in Turkey and our litigation team has considerable experience in disputes arising in connection with the Competition Law.

Uysal & Tolan Law Firm has a wide experience in dispute resolutions. Uysal Tolan Law Firm approach is to reconcile the disputes with friendly settlements before taking any legal actions.

As Uysal & Tolan, our basic principle is to debate with our colleagues regarding each disagreement and after that our consultants inform our clients about the method of settling disputes. Uysal & Tolan’s litigation attorneys provide services for the disputes arising out of commercial issues related banking and finance, fraudulent transactions and construction law; media law; employment law; environmental law; bankruptcy law and restructuring of corporations; insurance and reinsurance; intellectual property; mergers and acquisitions; energy law; property law; aviation law; real estate law; international private law; maritime law; investigations related regulatory authority and the commercial subjects generating tax law.

In accordance with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) principles, under the Turkish legislation, the Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 and Industrial Property Act No.6769 embarks on the protection of literary and artistic works, brands, patents, industrial rights and so on.

We have been advised several companies in disputes in connection with the intellectual property rights and currently we are representing several clients for their intellectual right issues. We employ specialists with expertise on patent rights and trademarks and many of them are qualified as licensed Patent and Trademark Attorneys. Such representation includes the applications for registration of intellectual property rights within the framework of Turkish legislation as well as international treaties, such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the civil and criminal actions for the prohibition of infringement on intellectual property rights and the lawsuits for invalidation of any conflicting registration